VISION Underbar Furniture is the world’s first underbar beverage assembly system designed specifically with front-of-house integration in mind. 

Display kitchens, and the theater that they provide, have revolution-ized the guest dining experience over the past two decades.  But while display kitchen spaces continue to evolve, similar advance-ments in bar design have been fairly limited until now. The continued evolution in mixology has offered another opportunity for improved guest connection and interaction, but the traditional bar design still dominates the landscape and limits this potential.  Simply stated, today’s underbar equipment 

has little aesthetic value and discourages more engaging bar environments. 

VISION Underbar Furniture will change that.  This line of underbar furniture offers the unprecedented opportunity to customize the look and feel of the underbar system. With a variety of finishes, fixtures, and hardware now available, operators and designers alike can easily customize their interior bar without having to resort to custom fabrication. VISION Underbar Furniture features full cabinet construction and offers modern, chic, impactful finish options for doors, drawers, backsplashes, and exposed fronts or sides.  Even better, the finishes and hardware are interchangeable in the field, which will allow for affordable updates in the future.  With these new design features, the arrival of display bars is finally here.  The freedom to create more open and engaging bar designs now exists. 

But this system has focused on more than just looks alone. VISION Underbar Furniture has blended form with much improved function.  New, thoughtful features are incorporated throughout the line.  Such improvements include flexible door/drawer configurations, integrated backsplash lighting, provisions for common purveyor provided equipment, integrated locking covers, innovative storage modules, and much, much more.  As part of our development process, we took a step back to re-think the typical interior bar environment and looked for opportunities to improve the guest and staff experience at every turn.  

It is our hope that VISION Underbar Furniture will fill a long-neglected need and provide industry operators and designers with new options to create more open, engaging, display bars.  The bar, as they say, is now truly … open.  We invite you to explore your VISION of what a bar environment can be.  

1% of net revenues from the sale of VISION Underbar Furniture products benefits Action Against Hunger